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Questions About My Pet My Scent

How does My Pet My Scent Work?

Is My Pet My Scent available in stores?

Does my dog have to eat/ingest anything like a vitamin or doggy bite?

Can my dog continue his or her normal diet and routine while using My Pet My Scent?

Does My Pet My Scent use any chemicals?

Are there any special storage requirements for My Pet My Scent?

How long will a single My Pet My Scent kit last?

How long does a single Hemp-Oil disc last?

How long will it take before I see results with My Pet My Scent?

Do I need any special equipment or other products to use My Pet My Scent?

Oh no! I've lost my locket, or it's been damaged! What can I do?

I have a big dog... like, a really big dog. Should I use more than a single hemp-oil disc?

Are there any known risks or cautions with using hemp-oil?